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Highline Water Tank

Image Highline manufacture a range of  Zincalume steel water tanks with reinforced liners, in size ranging from 500 litres to over 2 milion litres.

Used widely in the mining, commercial, industrial and rural markets throughout the world. Highline's innovative water tanks come in modular kit-form enabling them to be packed down to one hundredth of their completed size for easy shipment.

All Highline products are manufactured in Welshpol production facility and adhere to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation procedures.


Highline offer a range of state of the art liner line technologies to suit almost aby application.

Our reinforced liners are capable of supporting water pressures that conventional unsupported PVC or vinyl liners imply can not handle. Highline liners are suitable for storage of a large range of liquids.

Standard Liner

The Advantage liners is manufactured from either a reiforced, multi-layer, food grade polyethylene liner with a woven multifilament scrim or full thickness unreinforced polyethylene, depending on application.

And because the fabric is inert, no smell or taste can affect your valuable water.Image

The liner designs are resistant to a large range of chemicals : 

  • Alkalis such as sodium hydroxide ( caustic soda ), potassium hydroxide and sodium carbonate
  • Acids, ( confirmation of chemical coposition required )
  • Effluent from treatment plants ( confirmation of chemical composition required )
  • Salt such as sodium chloride, and
  • Organic solvents ( confirmation of chemical composition required )

Highline advantages

  • 10 year writen warranty ( roofed tanks ) for potable water storage
  • Multi-layer reinforced, permanently bonded with tough multifilament scrim
  • Designed against wicking or capillary attraction as experienced in other multi layer reinforced liners
  • Capble of achieving 20 metres head pressure under pressure testing ( far greater than head pressures experienced in even our tallest tank of 9 metres )
  • UV stabilized and stretch resistance


The original and extremely versatile design enables the water tank to be packed down to one hundreadth of its completed size, making it ideal for transporting by road, sea or air.

Our installation team are prepared to travel to ensure that installation are done correctly.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.