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ImageHanovia Ltd is an ultraviolet (UV) manufacturing company based just outside London, England and has been established since 1924. Hanovia specialises in the manufacture of UV equipment for disi fection, deozonation, dechloramination, and dechlorination and for the enhanced removal of total organic carbon ( TOC) from ultrapure applications. Other photolysis applications include the removal of NDMA and MTBE from drinking water. Hanovia has installed over 40,000 systems in more than 100 countries.Image

As the only UV system supplier to develop and manufacture UV lamps and monitors, Hanovia is generally recognised as the technology leader in  this specialised area. Specific lamps are manufactured with enhanced spectral outputs for disinfections, dechloramination, pesticide photolysis and NDMA photolysis.

Hanovia Ltd is a part of the Water Technology division of Halma plc. Halma plc is a manufacturing group that specialises in the manufacture and sale of electronics products. It employs over 3000 people in 6 specialist businees groups on 4 different continents and has an unrivalled reputation for exellence in products that people's lives and healt.

In conjuction with Aquionics Inc in the USA and Berson Milieutechnic in Holland, Hanovia Ltd is able to provide a complete range of products worlwide. A global network of distributors with factory trained technicians ensure that the highest standarts of service are provided locally.


ImageHow Does Ultraviolet Work ?

Strong sunligh purifies by permanently inactivating bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores. Almost a century ago, scientists identifited the part of the spectrum, which is responsible for this wellknown effect : wavelengths of 240 - 280 nm, primarily in UV-C spectrum.

Such energy can now be produced commercially by electrical discharge devices and UV technology has been harnessed for a range of applications from disinfection to oxidising organics.

Hanovia UV systems generate the same ultraviolet germicidal rays as sunshine, but hundreds of times stronger. No bacteria, viruses, moulds or their spores can withstand this treatment.